«Mountain Spa» — is not just a network of massage and SPA salons, but a family business that we have been intensively developing for several years in Sochi, including at the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana.

My husband and I are practicing massage therapists ourselves. Our team consists of more than twenty qualified specialists who know various massage techniques.

Basically, the SPA menu offers European types of massage: classic, sports, relaxing, lymphatic drainage, modeling, children's and facial massage. As practice shows, these procedures are in the greatest demand. In addition to massage, we offer our guests professional SPA-care for the face and body.

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Oleg Chernykh
The main directions are massage, SPA-care for the face and body. As a practicing specialist and manager, I personally conduct staff selection, briefing and initial training.

All our efforts are aimed at ensuring that services are provided at the highest level, and the team consists exclusively of professionals.
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