10% discount

for a review

10% discount
for a review
read the details of the promotion below

We are focused on improving the service provided, so we will take

into account any of your comments.

If you are satisfied and ready to recommend us

then we ask you to leave a review on one of the resources presented below, and in gratitude we will give you a 10% discount on any following procedure, presented in our SPA menu.

How do I get a 10% discount?

1. To get a discount, it is enough to publish a review about the work of our staff and your impressions about the procedure carried out on one of the portals, links to which we will leave below. The publication should contain several sentences with a description of your impressions about the service in our Mountain SPA salon.
2. After filling in and sending feedback on the portal (Yandex, 2GIS, Google) don't forget to take a screenshot of your review and show it to the administrator of the salon (in person or on Whats App).

Pay attention

Under the terms of the promotion, 1 review = 1 discount (10% for the next 1 procedure). You have the opportunity to leave several different reviews and get a similar number of discounts for subsequent procedures (3 reviews = 3 discounts of 10% for each procedure).

Does the offer extend to negative reviews about us?

We are attentive to  all comments and do everything not to give them a reason. We always respond to appeals and  do not remove objective critical reviews from our website and other information resources. This offer is related to the costs on our part for your help in popularizing our network of spas. Before you post a negative review, we recommend contacting us with a claim that we will surely be able to satisfy in the most comfortable way for you.