especially for guests of the Black Sea coast
we created for SEA SPA ensure that you could enjoy only body procedures, but and use the sea
Now we are not only in the mountains, but also on the sea!

"SEA SPA" is a special location that includes a vacation on the Black Sea coast and the pleasure of a complex of SPA procedures. It's not just a story about the beauty and health, but in broad sense — a set of formats aimed at achieving harmony and relaxation.

Krasnodar region is rich in stunning views and we decided to take the opportunity create the location black sea coast, to show travelers the beauty of marine nature of our region and complement this state of care body our SPA programs.
About the project
New effective procedures
for figure correction
We try to offer our guests the best,
therefore, we have included 2 novelties that will help you: improve the quality of your body; reduce puffiness and cellulite; reduce body weight and volume; increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin; form an aesthetic silhouette of the figure
Location Features
benefits of procedures
of procedures
sea line
Master of SPA-rituals
Didenko Igor
Master of SPA-rituals
Muhina July
Master of SPA-rituals
Menshicova Alena
Kudryavtseva Vera
Master of SPA-rituals
Our contacts
+7 938 445 0 444

City-hotel "Velvet seasons"
Figure 30, village. Sirius, 354 375, Family quarter, building 4
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