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Body care
LAMARIS Care is created by leading technologists together with specialists in the beauty and health industry
Irina Borodina
Massage therapist
Massage is a way to acquire health and good mood. It is necessary for everyone who takes care of himself. For a person, or rather for his body, this is an excellent tool that will help to find harmony between the internal and external state.

Even despite the progress of science and the emergence of new types of hardware massagers, nothing compares to the hands of a masseur, because through his hands he fills you with energy.
For the production of products, Lamaris selects the best ingredients: Algae from the White and Barents Sea, essential oils from Provence, Shea butter from Morocco.

In a laboratory conforming to GMP standards, the company is working on the texture and composition of each product until they receive an effective solution to a particular cosmetic problem.